I couldn’t help sharing how much I enjoyed the class yesterday taught by Megan Provost. It was truly healing on so many levels – the combination of flow for the first half to get moving and then restorative for the second half to calm and restore were such a lovely combination. Megan’s soothing teaching style and hands-on adjustments during class and the great aromatherapy and Megan’s lovely mini-massage for each participant during savasana plus the wonderful choice of music selections to “flow” with the class all added up to a truly OUTSTANDING class. Additionally, Megan guided us all into a mindframe of gratitude throughout the class, which I feel really contributed to my ability to open up and be receptive to Life’s healing energies flowing to me through the vehicle of the class.
— Corrina B.
Megan was fantastic and led a gentle but powerfully energetic flow and minimal but good adjustments. I have over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training, so honestly I tend to be pretty picky, and I just adored her and noticed the thought behind how she led us into different poses in very specific sequences
— Sara Y.
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your morning classes at OMPower. I am new to San Francisco and I’m happy to find a nice teacher to practice with. You are very positive and it makes me want to improve my yoga.
— Fred F.
Megan was fantastic! Woke up, got a good sweat in, felt more attuned to myself before I started my workday.
Megan is awesome. I’m not really into meditation/chanting stuff, heat, or overly repetitive poses. Her class has the right mix and pace for me. It reminds me of a yoga class I’d go to at one of the best yoga studios in HK
— Debbie L