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Why Cleanse?

There are hundreds of cleanses out there. Some are more extreme than others. My Detox Cleanse is designed to provide an accessible and fun way to clear toxins and re-establish a state of balance in the body and the mind.  The 14-day Reset Cleanse is a hypo-allergenic or elimination diet. This means we’re removing the foods that most commonly cause symptoms of a food allergy or toxicity in the body.

Those toxic foods include gluten containing grains, dairy products, eggs, soy, caffeine, yeast, sugar (and it’s many forms), dried fruits and citrus fruits (aside from Lemon and Lime). Avoidance of these foods can lead to relief of symptoms such as bloating, stubborn weight that you can't lose, digestive issues, mood issues, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune diseases, intense cravings, fatigue, foggy brain, inflammation and many more!  By reintroducing these foods back into your diet individually, which you’ll be doing in the third phase of the cleanse, you'll be able to see clearly how your body reacts to that food which will ultimately allow you to make more informed and intuitive decisions about your diet. Think of this cleanse as an experiment and your body as the laboratory!

This gentle, yet effective approach is designed to support the liver’s detoxification pathways and to improve intestinal health so that the body can clear out excess toxins and operate at its highest potential. It delivers an all access pass to boundless reserves of energy you didn’t know you had. You’ll find that every part of your body works better simply by “switching on” your metabolism and your body’s natural healing capabilities.

How does it work?

The 14 Day Detox Cleanse consists of 3 Phases.  The first phase is 2 days and is intended for preparation.  You’ll be planning your meals, getting your grocery list together and grocery shopping, as well as getting your body ready for the cleanse by weaning yourself off of dairy, sugar, gluten, caffeine and alcohol (if applicable).  Phase 2 of the cleanse in the elimination diet and will last 7 days. Phase 3 of the cleanse is the reintroduction phase where you will mindfully reintroduce the toxins we eliminated and observing the effects of these foods on your body and mind.

What’s Included?

Aside from a detailed overview of the cleanse guidelines you will also be receiving support and accountability through each phase of the cleanse.  Your cleanse purchase includes two 1 hour coaching sessions with Megan, pre and post cleanse. If you are participating in a group cleanse the pre-cleanse session will be a group session.  Megan will also offer daily journal prompts to keep you motivated and connected to the purpose of your cleanse and she will be available 24/7 via group text where she will will offer daily support and guidance as you move through the cleanse.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in a one on one cleanse with Megan you can reach out directly or book a discovery session online to work out the details (http://meganprovost.com/contact/).  If you’re doing a group cleanse you can send the names and email addresses of each interested participant to Megan (megan.provost@gmail.com) and she’ll take it from there!  

How much does it cost?

The cost of the cleanse for one participant is $125.  If you've participated in a cleanse with me previously or if you sign up with a friend take $50 off!

Payment: ~ You can make payment via Venmo (@Megan-Provost), Square Cash ($MeganProvost), or cash ~ Payment is due in full on the start date of your cleanse