Megan is a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Writer in Philadelphia.  Megan has transformed her life through her interest in Yoga and Wellness and has dedicated her career to helping others do the same. Megan graduated from Temple University in 2008 and worked her way up the ladder at a desk job for the 8 years that followed.  As time progressed she started to feel stuck, empty and unsatisfied with her life in general.  Her work revolved around social gatherings which ultimately led to bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.  She found yoga in 2010 which would ultimately open the door for her to create a life for herself she could be proud of.  Megan completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2014 in San Francisco and became a full time yoga teacher in 2016.  Through her teachings and continuous studies of yoga and buddhism she quickly learned the power of healing.  Megan completed her level 1 Reiki certification in 2017 and her Holistic Health Coach Training certification in 2018.  Megan is now working with clients to offer support and accountability on their health and wellness journeys by integrating yoga & meditation with customized wellness plans to help clients create long lasting change in their health and their lives.